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Founded in 2013, Unggoy Broadband is an Iowa-based, fixed wireless Internet service provider based in Charles City, Iowa focused on bringing reliable, high speed service to residential and business consumers in underserved, rural and small-town communities. The service is not satellite, nor dial-up. Unggoy Broadband implements a ‘Being the Future’ business model invested in deploying cutting-edge wireless and fiber technology paired with top notch customer service to provide a highly desired broadband solution. Most recently, Unggoy launched a phone service solution for its consumers ranging from basic residential service to hosted PBX systems for a corporate setting. Unggoy Broadband is a locally owned and operated company committed to supporting the communities in which they serve and to offer the highest standard of quality and customer service to its consumers. Along with providing the latest technology and superior service, Unggoy is also heavily invested in the community providing hundreds of volunteer hours each year to various events and organizations. 


This is not satellite, nor dial-up. Unggoy Broadband beams you high speed Internet from towers located within our coverage area. A small antenna is installed at your home or business to receive our signal. A small cable is routed inside into our modem, similar to any other Internet provider. The only difference, we aren't required to bury miles of expensive cable to bring you the Internet you deserve; the signal travels to your home or business through the air!


Here at Unggoy Broadband we believe in and are dedicated to breaking the mold of what's possible when it comes to bringing Internet to home and businesses in rural and underserved areas. Perhaps you are here reading this because you are tired of enduring the Internet the "normal" way. Let's break from the norm, together! Although the word Unggoy is different just like Google or Yahoo, so is our approach; and providing you with top-notch service is different too. 


And while the word "Unggoy" means "monkey" in the Filipino language, we promise not to monkey around when it comes to listening, addressing, and surpassing your expectations whenever possible. We are a new force in the Internet jungle, moving swiftly past the other slow and expensive Internet providers.

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