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Local Businesses Stick Together!

Unggoy Broadband implements teamwork and willpower to bring high speed internet to those with little or no options!

An October fire left Dungey’s Furniture of New Hampton without the basic means for running a business. They were forced to pick up the pieces and move to a new location. Finding a broadband service provider for the new location proved difficult for Dungey’s. “Windstream won’t get internet to this building even though it’s in town and Mediacom won’t do it either,” commented Denny Ungs. Denny works with IT for Dungey’s Furniture. He reached out to Unggoy Broadband after being turned down by multiple internet services, and they were able to provide the reliable, high speed internet connection Dungey’s Furniture needed to resume business operations. Denny expressed their need for Unggoy internet service, “We need internet fast man!”, and was able to receive an installation and successful connection within 7 hours of calling!

The mission at Unggoy Broadband is to provide customers with affordable and dependable internet access. Customer service and satisfaction stand at the fore front of the business. Ryan Jung, Director of Operations at Unggoy, reflected on that day, “Dungey’s Furniture sustained a devastating blow after their fire two weeks ago, it was important to us to be able to help get them back on their feet as soon as possible.” When asked what goes into getting a business up and running within one day, Jung added, “Businesses are more complex than a home due to usage demands, often taking days of planning followed by weeks waiting for equipment delivery, but we were able to assemble enough equipment to meet Dungey’s demand and get them connected right away.” Upon being asked why it’s important to serve local businesses like Dungey’s Furniture, Jung responded, “We built the Unggoy brand around a promise not to monkey around, I think we proved that today. We knew Internet would be a valuable component to Dungey’s ability to recover. We wanted to be a part of the solution, every business in a small town is an important business.”

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