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Meet the Unggoy Team: Who Are These People Anyway?!

You may have already had the pleasure of meeting one of our Field Service Technicians, Max!

Max is responsible for installation, troubleshooting, upgrading and maintenance of our customer’s residential and commercial broadband systems. He works closely with the Unggoy customer formulating the installation plan, evaluating equipment location, locating proper access and formulating wiring plans in addition to arranging the correct equipment. You might also find him out and about performing site surveys. Max truly values the Unggoy customer experience making him a perfect fit for our team.

Outside of work, Max enjoys spending time at home in Nashua with his two children, horse, lab and cat. If safe to say Max loves to be busy! He has that special ability for fixing just about anything and almost always has some sort of project in the works.

Max is another one of Unggoy’s avid outdoorsmen. He enjoys going fishing with his kids as much as possible! At the end of a busy day, he enjoys sitting outside and relaxing or tuning in to the latest episode of Duck Dynasty with his kids.

Before joining the Unggoy team, Max worked as an Industrial Maintenance Technician. He has an Associate’s Degree in law enforcement and an Industrial Maintenance Diploma from North Iowa Area Community College.

Max joined the Unggoy team to become a part of a growing, successful company. When asked what he enjoys most at Unggoy, Max replied, “The people I work with are amazing! The communication and support within our team shows the success in what we do.”

Thank you for being a part of the team, Max! We’re lucky to have you!


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