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Wispapalooza 2015

Once a year the WISP (Wireless Internet Service Providers) industry gathers together in fabulous Las Vegas for Wispapalooza. The conference offers a jam-packed schedule of events for WISP industry members and vendors including product demonstration, fiber weekend, industry-specific class sessions and notary key-note speakers. As stated by WISPA President, Alex Phillips, Wispapalooza is the only conference that brings together fellow WISPs and industry experts to meet and learn the best practices to better prepare for the changing landscape of the broadband industry. This year, Wispapalooza hosted a record-breaking 1,300+ attendees from 18 different countries!

Six team members from Unggoy Broadband attended the conference. We participated in 40+ class sessions hearing from industry experts in technology, marketing, sales, best business practices, safety and government policies regarding the broadband industry. Our Marketing Coordinator, Heather, proudly represented Unggoy Broadband by helping lead a session titled “Managing Your Image on Social Media”.

In addition to the many class sessions, our team also attended vendor presentations showcasing the latest and greatest technologies and what they can do for our industry. Our team even had the pleasure of seeing one of our vendors ‘clean house’ at the Backhaul Demonstration and Evaluation awards ceremony in which specific awards were given to equipment showcasing extreme innovation in highest capacity delivered, spectral efficiency and best hardware design.

At Unggoy, we are so honored and thankful to be able to attend events like Wispapalooza. Surrounding ourselves with industry professionals really taps into the team’s potential and sparks the creativity and inspiration that we take to work with us on a daily basis. Unggoy Broadband is, and will continue to be a high-performing, motivated-to-learn group of individuals. We have the confidence to push technological limits breaking down the barriers of rural Internet service across the state of Iowa. Our team extends a deep appreciation to the WISPA Board of Directors and committee members that bring to life events like Wispapalooza. Thank you to the WISPA Board for all they do for our industry!

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