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Important info for Hulu+LIVE tv users

Over the past year, Unggoy has been working hard to build a redundant network. This allows us to switch customers over to a back up connection in the event of an unexpected outage. Yesterday, for example, portions of our network had to be transferred to a back up provider after a utility pole was hit by a truck and took down aerial fiber lines.

When this transfer (to the back-up network) takes place, customers get assigned an IP address on the back up network. Since Hulu + Live TV users set up their live stream based upon their current IP address location - when switched to the back-up provider Hulu sees this as a 'move' in location. For those using the Live stream with Hulu, you may (or may not) be aware that after four 'moves', they can suspend or terminate your account. They put this in place to prevent unauthorized sharing of the live stream account.

After contacting Hulu regarding this issue, we were informed that Hulu + Live users can contact Hulu to notify them that they have not moved, but rather that they were transferred to a back-up connection through their internet service provider. The representative assures me that once they are notified of this, an override can be put on that account to allow the subscription to remain intact. Alternatively, during this time, a subscriber can downgrade their plan to a regular Hulu or Hulu-no ads plan, which would allow them to use other features of Hulu (minus the Live stream TV).

It's important to note that this is ONLY for subscribers to the Live tv feature and does not apply to the regular Hulu subscription.

If you need to contact Hulu, their customer service number is: 310-571-4700. You get to speak to a live representative and you simply need to tell them you have not moved.

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