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A Plan in Motion at Unggoy! #ObamaInIA #ConnectEveryAcre

President Obama and Governor Branstad are working toward getting “Better Broadband” to Iowans. In today’s society, no one should be without top-notch broadband services. Bringing internet to homes and businesses in rural and underserved areas has been a part of Unggoy Broadband’s business model since day one.

Unggoy’s Director of Operations, Ryan Jung, commented on the President’s visit to Cedar Falls, “President Obama’s visit today is an honor to the citizens of Iowa and rewarding for the folks behind CFU’s broadband efforts. The same sense of purpose that drove CFU to their rapport today is the mission behind Unggoy Broadband; Unggoy was founded a little over a year ago for the purpose of providing people the internet they deserve.”

Six months of business planning followed by eight months of delivering results in the field has established Unggoy as a reputable local outlet. In a market that many considered saturated, Unggoy has become the service of choice for many Northeast Iowa residents. “Our network is different than the competition; the signal to the homes and businesses in our community is delivered wirelessly from a local tower to the customer’s site,” stated Jung. The service differs from traditional broadband delivery methods including routing through buried cables or satellite internet, which requires the service to travel to an orbiting satellite and back down to Earth.

Just because you bury it, doesn’t mean things don’t change; there will always be something better in development. Jung added, “The updates with our equipment are software oriented, utilizing the same hardware at the customer site. When a time comes that infrastructure does require an update, we have the least disruptive business model to execute those updates. Cables dug in the ground are now being replaced with fiber being dug in the ground. What will be after fiber? We have communities who had fiber deployed through government grants, but the residents are still over-paying for slow service.” Whether companies do not update the equipment at the ends of the fiber and within their network operations, or they intentionally hold their customers back – people are still waiting for the internet they deserve.

Unggoy Broadband is not interested in simply being the better of the select few, Unggoy has swung into the market providing world-class broadband access today and is committed to remaining at the fore-front of the best technology. Unggoy now offers “No Line of Sight” service to customers. This service beams high speed internet from current, local towers through obstructions like trees and buildings.

“‘Being the future’ is something we talk about at Unggoy. We interact with people paying other internet service providers for bandwidth in the kilobytes, but the FCC is currently considering changing the definition of broadband from 4 Mbps to 25 Mbps. Consider the television industry, it does not matter if we legislate color to be more detailed in movies if people only have black & white screen TV’s. What should be the standard of excellence? Do we strive to lead the market or only to follow government? Unggoy will always push the limits and deploy the best network to deliver tomorrow’s internet demand, today,” stated Jung. Unggoy has customers today on plans ranging from 3 Mbps download to 100 Mbps download.

The business model at Unggoy Broadband is more similar to the operations at CFU than other internet service providers. Both organizations employ local citizens to meet the demands of local consumers, providing faster service at a lower cost. Just as Unggoy’s broadband service is provided wirelessly, their unlimited data allows customers to live without strings attached and barriers to monitor. Unggoy Broadband simply allows customers to select the service speeds of their desire without signing a contract and without any worry of the amount of bandwidth used.

We congratulate CFU on their accomplishments and we are excited that President Obama and Governor Branstad endorse the efforts of modern broadband, the bed rock of Unggoy’s establishment. The plan for “Better Broadband” is crucial for everyone. Unggoy Broadband will continue to implement this plan and work toward “connecting every acre”. The future is here and Iowans no longer have to wait!

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