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The FCC Rules on Net Neutrality and Title II: What it means for the WISP industry and for Unggoy cus

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, the FCC voted 3-2 approving net neutrality rules that reclassify broadband internet service as a telecom service rather than an information service under Title II regulations. The regulations, in short, give the FCC more power to regulate ISPs.

What does this mean and how will it affect our customers?

Unfortunately, at this point we do not have a clear answer as to how this ruling will affect the industry, our company and our customers. WISPA members are concerned that the FCC is refusing to recognize that this ruling could impose negative impacts on rural Americans, not to mention putting a damper on innovation for rural expansion.

We cannot say for sure what the future of our industry holds as the public has not yet had access to the 332 page plan to regulate the internet. We do know that for now, small ISPs like Unggoy Broadband having less than 100,000 customers are exempted from some of the requirements to this ruling. We hope that sometime soon in the coming months, the plan for internet regulation will be released to the public. All we can do for now with what we know is continue to do what we do best: continue development, unity and innovation of the WISP industry. Unggoy Broadband will continue to provide the best care and service for all of our current and future customers. We will provide updates as they arise and will notify our customers of any changes that may be made to service or billing as a result of regulation requirements.

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