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Local Business Volunteers for Local High School

The Unggoy team volunteered for Nashua Plainfield High School’s speech contest last Saturday.

“We want so much to be a part of the communities in the areas that we serve. Volunteering our day for the N-P High School was a no-brainer; it was so great to work with such an amazing group of people volunteering their time to host this contest for students. Seeing all the hard work these students put into their speeches was an added bonus. They were so great!”

– Heather Allan, Marketing Coordinator, Unggoy Broadband

Unggoy Broadband has a strong culture of giving back to the schools and the greater community. Team members took great pride while assisting the school working as “Room Chairs” and “Timers” for the contest. Duties included keeping track of student performance order, introducing student speakers, timing each speech and other various tasks as needed.

“Being the future is a pillar of Unggoy, what we witnessed during our 10 hours volunteering at the N-P High School was America’s youth lighting the leadership torch. Success in the workplace and becoming a contributing member within the community requires leaders with the ability to communicate effectively. ‘Being the future’ requires more than just the newest technology; we need industry best practices and the best people. We hope our assistance to the school contributed to the development of our youth and encourages others to reach out in the future for a better community.”

–Ryan Jung, Director of Operations, Unggoy Broadband

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