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Meet the Unggoy Team; who are these people anyway?!

Tyler Curtis, Operations Technician

Tyler joins the crew as an Operations Technician mainly responsible for tower climbing, special project planning and the execution of new tower sites to expand Unggoy’s coverage area and maintenance of residential and commercial broadband systems. Unggoy assembled their own network operations crew to expedite work on expanding coverage areas.

Tyler comes to us all the way from Arkansas! Naturally, he’s not the biggest fan of snow – a couple winters in Iowa should season him up! After spending three years in the U.S. army, Tyler has traveled to 34 states enjoying hunting, fishing and kayaking. He loves adventure and drinking sweet tea. He’s glad to be a part of a growing company and looks forward to adventures in this new opportunity.

Please join us in welcoming Tyler to the great state of Iowa! We’re excited to have him on board!

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