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Meet the Unggoy Team: Who are these people anyway?!

Ashleah Graves, Operations Coordinator

Introducing another member of the Unggoy team, Ashleah! Ashleah is a local lady born and raised in Plainfield, Iowa and currently lives with her husband, children and yellow lab, Ellie in Janesville. Ashleah comes to Unggoy with strong career experience in scheduling, human resources, safety and training. The Operations Coordinator was a perfect fit for her! Ashleah came to Unggoy to be a part of a new, growing and innovative company.

Ashleah’s position coordinates efforts for employee culture, safety, and development. Ashleah’s efforts enhance the employee culture and maintains a steady progressive development of every employee, leading to superior customer service by engaged and satisfied Unggoy team members.

Ashleah handles pre-hire and onboarding commitments, acts as a liaison between employees and benefit providers, handles safety inspections and safety training, manages OSHA compliance, delivers weekly trainings to all staff, is the administrator of internal procedures, and coordinates training opportunities with outside vendors.

Outside of her busy work schedule, Ashleah enjoys attending sporting events with her husband (GO HAWKS!), jamming out to karaoke, being crafty, cooking and watching movies. She loves her family and spends the majority of her spare time with them!

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