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Unggoy Broadband Set to Acquire Slingo Internet of Denver

Unggoy Broadband, Northeast Iowa’s newest choice for rural Internet and phone service, announced Monday they are set to acquire Slingo Internet of Denver, Iowa effective September 14, 2015. The acquisition comes shortly after Unggoy’s most recent coverage expansion in the Waverly, Janesville and Denver areas.

Unggoy Broadband is a locally owned and operated wireless Internet service provider based in Charles City, Iowa currently employing a staff of 13. In an effort to account for their rapidly growing coverage area and customer base, additional staff has been added to the Customer Care and Service Technician teams prior to the acquisition of Slingo Internet.

Unggoy Broadband has worked vigorously over the past year and half gaining recognition throughout Northeast Iowa and at the international level for technology advancement, heightened level of customer service and dedication to community involvement:

January 29, 2015 – Global provider, Telrad Networks and Unggoy Broadband announce first-ever software-only upgrade to LTE. Unggoy was the first provider in the United States to apply this technology.

March 4, 2015 – Unggoy Broadband featured alongside Governor Terry Branstad and Connect Iowa on KIMT 3 of Mason City for their efforts in making broadband access a priority.

June 16, 2015 – Unggoy Broadband provides WiFi for annual Charles City Whitewater Challenge!Unggoy-provides-WiFi-for-Annual-Charles-City-Whitewater-Challenge/c1vgr/ 55803bbb0cf298dc5b9ada7f/

Current Slingo Internet customers have been notified prior to the acquisition announcement and will easily integrate into the Unggoy customer base. “We are extremely excited to unite Slingo customers into the Unggoy family! As the premium Internet service provider for Northeast Iowa, acquiring an established WISP in our newly expanded territory is in sync with our business mission. This merger will increase our competitive advantage while building our customer base. The Unggoy Broadband team remains committed to delivering the Internet of tomorrow with the elite customer service level found only at Unggoy.” Ryan Jung, Director of Operations


About Unggoy Broadband

Founded in 2013, Unggoy Broadband is a fixed wireless Internet service provider focused on bringing reliable, high speed service to residential and business consumers in underserved, rural and small-town communities. The service is not satellite, nor dial-up. Unggoy Broadband implements a ‘Being the Future’ business model invested in deploying cutting-edge technology paired with top notch customer service to provide a highly desired broadband solution. Most recently, Unggoy launched a phone service solution for its consumers ranging from basic residential service to hosted PBX systems for a corporate setting.

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