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Unggoy Broadband Goes Beyond Traditional Sponsorship for Retrieving Freedom, Inc. of Waverly

Until speaking with Unggoy Broadband, Retrieving Freedom of Waverly, Iowa had exhausted options for an Internet and phone provider having to settle for a costly data plan with a mobile carrier. In an unexpected turn of events, Unggoy Broadband was able to far exceed the organization’s current service plans and provide the service Retrieving Freedom desperately needed while enabling them to save almost $600 per month!

Retrieving Freedom, Inc. is a non-profit corporation that trains service dogs for placement into three main markets: Veterans, children with autism, and adults and children with Diabetes. Retrieving Freedom service dogs can give thousands of hours of assistance care each year to individuals in the search of a more independent life. The organization works not only to train the best service dogs, but to be a major part of their new connection with the people that need them.

The team at Unggoy Broadband had become passionate about Retrieving Freedom and their purpose in the community. Naturally, after completing mass coverage area expansion in the Waverly, Janesville and Denver areas, Unggoy knew they wanted to help sponsor the organization. They welcomed the challenge of not providing a traditional monetary sponsorship to Retrieving Freedom. Unggoy Broadband had to consider the ultimate question: How can we strongly support a non-profit organization without a traditional monetary sponsorship? What could Unggoy Broadband offer Retrieving Freedom?

The answer was simple. Unggoy would provide the simplest of utilities for the organization: Internet and phone. Not only was it possible to match Retrieving Freedom’s current service plans, Unggoy Broadband was able to far exceed what other companies were offering.

Going above and beyond for their customers and communities they serve is embedded in the Unggoy business model. The team is passionate about Retrieving Freedom and thought the organization should be able to flourish without worry of simple daily operation necessities being too costly and impeding their success. With Unggoy’s unlimited data and faster speed, Retrieving Freedom will now be able to expand their reach and productivity. They will now be able to offer unlimited streaming and conferencing for the training period that will better aid their clients and overall efforts.

“Providing service to an organization such as Retrieving Freedom is entirely our honor. When we initially discussed Retrieving Freedom, it was mentioned that recipients spend nearly 2 weeks at the site during dog placement but are not able to watch Netflix because of the costs imposed for the data usage. We also learned about their hopes to host web-conferences to magnify their impact, and how expanded Internet access around the site could support their fundraising and volunteer efforts. We immediately made it clear that we would be donating service great enough for people to watch Netflix in EVERY room, maintain business operations, and support their expansion efforts. We have installed a state-of-the-art WiFi connection for Retrieving Freedom, powered by a resilient network which will deliver a better experience for everyone engaged with their efforts. At Unggoy, we believe that the great opportunities provided in this country come with great responsibility. We are grateful for our success and genuinely want to support great people doing great things. Retrieving freedom deserved a better solution, and we delivered.” Ryan Jung, Director of Operations

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